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What A Former FBI Agent Just EXPOSED About 9/11 Is Absolutely Ghoulish!

The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is just days away and it has so many people on edge, and rightfully so.

For many of us, we saw that day unfold in horror as we witnessed our nation under attack and not knowing where it could happen next. I can still remember watching in absolute shock and terror seeing the two towers burn and the images of people jumping to their death etched forever in my mind.

Over time people have been questioning the official narrative after learning how our government has deceived the American people over the years. That distrust was only bolstered as President Trump began his mission to drain the swamp and we saw just how evil many in our government actually were.

Now, it seems that not only was Trump right about the deep state but also our government was involved in one of the worse days of our nation.

According to the New York Post, a former FBI agent has exclusively told CBS News that at least two of the 9/11 Saudi hijackers that were based in San Diego had U.S. support.

He also told CBS News that “19 hijackers cannot commit 3,000 mass murders by themselves” which is a fairly true statement.


The declassification of documents regarding the 9/11 attacks come after Biden signed an Executive Order that would declassify some information regarding the attacks.

Here is more:

At least two of the 9-11 hijackers probably had a U.S.-based support network, according to a former FBI agent.

Danny Gonzalez worked on “Operation Encore,” the still-secret investigation into the two Saudi hijackers who were based in San Diego. Gonzalez told CBS News he’s confident the records of that operation will show the hijackers had help.

“19 hijackers cannot commit 3,000 mass murders by themselves,” Gonzalez told the network.

President Biden signed an executive order Friday directing the Department of Justice to oversee a declassification review of some documents related to the 9/11 attacks, after pressure from families of victims who are demanding to know if Saudi Arabia helped the hijackers. The DOJ must release any declassified documents in the next six months.

Some records pertain to “Operation Encore,” which began two years after the commission’s report.

Gonzalez said the public would learn “a lot” if records from Operation Encore were released, and that it would change the public’s understanding of 9/11.

Gonzalez said the two hijackers — Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar — were helped by a number of Saudis, including Omar al-Bayoumi.

Bayoumi, who was working for the Saudi government, has said he randomly met the two hijackers at a restaurant in LA and encouraged them to move to San Diego. He helped them find apartments and open bank accounts. The two hijackers even started flight school nearby.

Gonzalez said he can’t reveal certain classified information about Operation Encore, per FBI orders. Nor can another former agent, Ken Williams, who wrote a memo before 9/11 that warned potential terrorists were taking flight lessons in Arizona.

“The evidence is there. I’ve seen it. But I can’t get into specifics because of the protective order,” Williams said. Both former agents are now working for the families as investigators.

“I can’t sit on the sidelines when I know the truth,” Gonzalez said.

More than likely names and businesses that helped support the Saudi Hijackers were be redacted because the elites won’t want one of their own to be thrown in jail for treason.

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