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What Is Happening Here? Biden Administration Launching a “Road Show” For Kamala Harris

When Joe Biden won the democratic presidential nomination, many people scoffed at the thought of him being the front runner for the party.

However, it isn’t like the Democrats had much to work with so it did make sense that they would prop up the feeble old man and push Biden over the finish line.

The deep state knew they needed to win so they employed every dirty trick they could from ballot stuffing to slandering then-President Trump every which way they could. Though the end game wasn’t Biden being in the White House, in all reality, it was just a stepping stone to install the radical leftist Kamala Harris in his place.

Now, according to a new report dropped by Politico, the Biden Administration is gearing up for a Kamala Harris “road show.”

“President Biden is planning more media, a major speech, an address to Congress and a road show featuring VP Kamala Harris,” Politico revealed, adding, “all with an eye on promoting the massive, soon-to-be passed Covid bill.”

This new development begs the question: Is the Biden Administration planting the seeds for a Kamala Harris takeover?

There has never been a vice president in history who has had such a prominent role in the presidency as Kamala Harris.

Politico reports:

Biden is scheduled to deliver his first prime-time address as president Thursday, which will focus on the Covid crisis. Later this month, he’ll hold the first press conference of his young presidency. He’s committed to making a still-unscheduled address to Congress. And officials are busy preparing for a sprawling sales campaign designed to draw attention to the benefits of the Covid-relief package. Biden, first lady Jill Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and others will hit the road to tout, among other things: the $1,400 checks, how billions of dollars in the bill will reopen schools, and the investments being made in increasing the numbers of vaccinations.

The emphasis on Harris shouldn’t surprise the American people considering Biden’s mental state continues to decline.

After all, she is just the sort of far-left socialist they have been looking for that they knew wouldn’t win in an election, but since they cheated their way in they can now ram it down all of our throats.

One could only pray that we make it to 2022 without this happening, but my optimism is dwindling.

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