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What Next? Now Sex Toys Are Spying on You

We-Vibe, maker of sex toys has been ordered to pay out 3 million dollars after it was discovered that the App that allows you to customize it was sending information on it’s use back to the manufacturer and also because it could be hacked from close range.

Hmmm.  What kind of information was it sending?  Frequency of use?  Probably.  Setting?  Of course.  Slow and easy, slow and not so easy, fast and smooth, faster and smooth and of course Black and Decker for the really adventurous.  I don’t know.  There’s something about being intimate with something that comes with a 90 day warranty that I find distasteful.

But the hacking part is what intrigues me.  How do the hackers know it’s in use and exactly what would they do?  Can the make it swerve just like hacking a car can do?  Make it accelerate out of control?  Maybe make it lock up?  That would just be mean.


From Breitbart:

“Following a class-action lawsuit in an Illinois federal court, We-Vibe’s parent company Standard Innovation has been ordered to pay a total of C$4m [Canadian dollars] to owners, with those who used the vibrator’s associated app entitled to the full amount each. Those who simply bought the vibrator can claim up to $199,” reports The Guardian. “The app that controls the vibrator is barely secured, allowing anyone within Bluetooth range to seize control of the device.”

“In addition, data is collected and sent back to Standard Innovation, letting the company know about the temperature of the device and the vibration intensity – which, combined, reveal intimate information about the user’s sexual habits,” they continued.

The security concerns were reportedly exposed at 2016’s Def Con Hacking Conference in Las Vegas.

How can you trust a company whose product is designed to f**k you?

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