• November 26, 2021

What President Trump Just Said Will Kill The Democrat Dream Forever!

It is apparent that President Trump is not done with his America First agenda as he continues to forge ahead.

Over the last several weeks, Trump has been busy working to help endorse candidates who will stand up for the interests of this country. We need people in office who will work for American needs and not China’s or the globalists such as Bill Gates of the world.

Trump is working hard to get the word out and his latest endorsement has been announced for Wisconsin Congressman, Sean Duffy for governor of the state.

It is not clear if Duffy will take on Democrat Tony Evers, but perhaps President Trump’s encouragement was just the nudge he needed.

Here’s what President Trump had to say about Duffy:

The endorsement caught the eye of Newsmax:

He and his wife Rachel both entered into the limelight when they first appeared together on MTV’s “Realworld.”

Although Wisconsin has swayed Republican in the past, as former GOP Gov. Scott Walker served there from 2011-2019, the race could be tight, according to Cook Political Reports. Cook Political Reports rated Wisconsin in early October as “lean Democrat.”

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provided some details:

It’s unclear whether Duffy is even considering the idea, but Trump’s statement could signal hurdles for Kleefisch as she works to unify the Republican grassroots with whom Trump remains popular.

Duffy, born in Hayward, has about $2 million in his federal campaign account, according to a recent Federal Elections Commission filing.

Alright, while we are on the subject of Wisconsin, who could forget that under the reign of Evers over 80,000 ballots went missing during the 2020 election?

This is why we need to get these turncoats out of office and start focusing on those who will stand up for America again.

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