WHAT? Sleepy Joe’s People Lost Track Of MILLIONS OF DOSES!

It’s almost a sacred level of trust when you are put in charge of something where there is a finite amount.

I can recall on several occasions in my life being asked to hold onto money for someone while they went and did something. Every single time I would have the person count it in front of me so I knew exactly how much was in there.

I never wanted to be the guy that got called out for being short on a number that I was supposed to claim to have had. Imagine if you were a grocery store that told someone you had six hundred boxes of cereal and when the store opened you only have five..

For much of the last week, the White House wouldn’t answer questions about the stockpile of COVID-19 vaccine doses.

Maybe this is why. It turns out that members of President Joe Biden’s administration have yet to locate 20 million vaccine doses that were distributed to the states last month, according to a new report.

Politico report on Saturday said “Biden’s team is still trying to locate upwards of 20 million vaccine doses that have been sent to states — a mystery that has hampered plans to speed up the national vaccination effort.”

“’It’s the Mike Tyson quote: ‘Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth,’ said one person with knowledge of the vaccine effort who’s not authorized to discuss the work. ‘They are planning. They are competent. It’s just the weight of everything when you sit down in that chair. It’s heavy,’” the political website reported.

Millions of doses of two vaccines have been distributed, but Politico said once the vaccine shipments are delivered to the states, “responsibility for tracking them has been left up to states’ individual public health systems. The administration then only gets an update once the doses are actually administered and an official record is submitted.”

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