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What These Young Children Did To Joe Biden Is TOTALLY Hilarious!

It is a running joke that Joe Biden is completely oblivious to where he is most of the time. Now, what makes a joke funny is that it is based on truth and Biden most certainly does not know where he is most of the time. There have been numerous videos of the so-called “commander in chief” wandering off-camera, mumbling to himself, and getting lost in front of our very eyes.

However, the mainstream media and Biden’s diehard fans continue to make excuses for the bumbling idiot no matter what.

This brings us to this image that is being passed around on social media.

At first glance, it seems pretty simple. However, once you look closer you will notice that these kids savagely trolled Biden and laughed about it too.

Just take a look at the photo:

Ha! Biden didn’t even notice the children wearing the Trump gear and stood there smiling taking a picture with these kiddos!

Biden is certainly a fool and a moron and these kids know it too!

The picture took place in Shanksville, Pennsylvania close to the flight 93 memorial.

The image quickly went viral on Twitter and for all the right reasons

Though one Twitter user noticed that Biden’s hands were on the young girl’s side which it appeared to make the girl feel uncomfortable.

Check it out:

If Biden and his team thought that he was going to be welcomed with open arms he was proven wrong.

It appeared that at every place he went, Biden was either yelled and shouted at or he was trolled.

What do you think of the picture?

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