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What They Just Said About The Variants TOTALLY Changes The Game!

Over the last several months, people have been lining up to receive the so-called COVID vaccine that is being heralded as the modern marvel that will stop the virus in its tracks. However, instead of a decline in cases, a new variant has reared its head that has the country and the world on the edge of their seats.

The new and worse Delta variant is sweeping the country and the media and many political figureheads are blaming this recent development on those that have not received the vaccine which in itself makes no sense.

How can people give something they don’t have?

It just doesn’t happen and the vaccine doesn’t even promise immunity or that it stops transmission from occurring.

So, why the big push, and not only that why is this variant happening especially right after so many people have rushed to receive the experimental jab?

Now, one vaccine expert, Professor Christian Perronne from France is sounding the alarm that those vaccinated with the experimental jabs are more prone to COVID-19 variants.

To learn more about Christian Perronne, check out his biography onย eMedEvents:

Check out this statement from Perronne:

Placing vaccinated people into quarantine since theyโ€™re a health threat to unvaccinated people.

That would be a wild turn of events, but I doubt the mainstream media, CDC, and Fraudci would admit they were wrong.

Theyโ€™ll continue advocating the same tyrannical policies until enough people say no or everyone gives in to the experimental jabs.

Watch the full interview with Christian Perronne safely onย Rumble:


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