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What They Won’t Tell You About The Freaky Texas Winter Storms—It Was A Planned Target!

Texas is being hammered right now by severe winter weather that has caused the state to experience freezing temperatures which has prompted rolling power outages across the red state.

As many of us are aware, Texas is key to our oil production, and the state and coincidentally has also filed paperwork to leave the corrupt union. Now, with all that in mind, you have to admit that the severe weather in the state is all too perfectly timed. If you are now aware of it already the elites do have the technology to control the weather which is why they are able to push the bullcrap theory of Climate Change to the masses.

Let’s be honest, Texas is one of the few states that is self-sustainable in many ways and could easily stand on its own. They do not need the Federal Government to continue being one of the strongest states in the union. However, they can destroy them so that they stay just where they are.

So with this, all laid in front of us, are you not wondering if this is a “weather war” meant to cripple the state back into submission and it was all planned out?

Interesting theory and sadly, it could be true knowing the technology our government has its hands on.

Check out this video and share your thoughts below.

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