• May 17, 2022

What Will The Democrat Party Look Like If Hillary Clinton Loses?

What if Hillary Clinton loses? Hillary Clinton’s move from her husband’s 1990s platform to her near-total acceptance this year of Bernie Sanders’ left-wing platform was a response to changes in the Democratic primary electorate, millennials, so to speak. Pulling back on socialist far left views is one idea. The utopia they all dream of is shattered once again by Democrat ineptitude, greed and corruption. The slump in Democratic primary and caucus turnout, from 38 million in 2008 to 31 million in 2016, was due to a sharp decline in turnout by self-described moderates, who are disillusioned by the route the Democrats are taking.

According to New York Post:

The political map in that case will look quite different, with Democratic states confined to the Northeast, West Coast and a few splotches in between. The presidential Democratic Party, like the congressional Democratic Party, will be concentrated in heavily Democratic central cities, some sympathetic suburbs and scattered university towns. The shock for Democrats if Clinton loses will likely be more severe than for Republicans if Trump loses.

Now as politics are cyclical, It’s possible Democrats could rebound during an unpopular Trump presidency, just as Republicans could during an unpopular Hillary Clinton term. But it’s also possible that the party’s current left-wing constituency could make a post-Clinton Democratic Party unelectable outside its left-wing redoubts. Time will tell, but if this left wing progressive open borders policy now in place continues for another term, one can only wonder what the country will look like if this madness continues. What do you think?




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