• August 12, 2022

What You Must Do If A Fly Lands on Your Food…Bet You’ve Never Done This

I know this has happened to you hundreds of times and I’ll bet you never gave it a second thought but you should have.  You are making a sandwich and a fly lands on your bread or maybe in your mustard.  You can shoo the fly from the bread but have to reach for a spoon to remove the fly from the mustard bottle.  But, are you right in doing that?  Not according to doctors and biologists.  Flies carry over 200 forms of dangerous bacteria on their arms and legs.  If a fly lands on your food, you should throw it away immediately.

 Spring and summer may herald warm weather and sunshine, but it also harks the arrival of irritating flies that try to land on your food.

And it turns out there are some very good reasons why most people try to shoo them away before they can land on a dish.

Though many people just think they are a minor annoyance, it turns out the insects are actually loaded with germs that could pose a serious threat to your health.

Not only that, a fly will almost always vomit on your food when it lands on it.

‘They only need to touch your food for a second for their legs or the tiny hairs all over their bodies to transfer germs from all those nasty things they eat onto what you are eating,’ said Ron Harrison, an entomologist and technical services director at Orkin pest control.

‘And since flies can transfer serious, contagious diseases like cholera, dysentery, and typhoid, it is probably best if you avoid eating things that a fly lands on.’

Flies are unable to chew, so they vomit on your food and that vomit has acid and other agents that break down the bread or whatever so they can consume it.

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