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When They Saw The Dress She Wore For Oscars Liberals Let Out a Collective Gasp

Liberals were backstage practicing their fascist Nazi-like insults they were going to heap upon President Donald Trump, but they weren’t expecting to see what singer songwriter Joy Villa wore to the Academy Awards.  It must have sucked all the oxygen out of the room and left them flabbergasted.  I have never watched the Academy Awards but I would have paid big money to have been in the room, when Villa walked in.  I’m betting you would have too.


From Villa’s Website:

Who is Joy? True to the lyrics of her song “Vagabonds”, Joy Villa is a singer songwriter who’s never slowing down. Having lived in Hollywood, Seattle, Las Vegas, and now residing in NYC, touring extensively since 2012 to Asia, Australia the US and Europe.

Joy’s favorite genre has always been rock and roll, and she considers herself lucky to be a female that looks different than the normal “Rockstar”.  A classic renaissance woman, she also paints, models, acts, dances, composes poetry, and writes screenplays and books.


And here’s what she wore to the Academy Awards:



And in case you didn’t guess, liberal fascist Nazis are calling for her death.

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