• May 17, 2022

While Focused On Election, Obama Just Moved To “Fundamentally Transform” America” For Good

While most of America has been consumed with the upcoming elections, president Obama has been using his final months to further his agenda to bring in more Syrian refugees. Despite Obama bringing in thousands more refugees than the original goal, he is also rushing more than one thousand refugees in the month of September alone.

According to MRCBlog.com,

Americans everywhere have been focused on the upcoming presidential election for most of 2016. That’s why Barack Obama took the opportunity to quietly make a major move for Muslim refugees.

According to Breitbart, the Obama administration has brought in 12,571 Syrian refugees in the 2016 fiscal year, far exceeding the original goal of 10,000 for the year.

Despite polls that show a vast majority of voters oppose increasing the number of Syrian refugee, the Obama administration is moving forward by rushing in 1,831 Syrian refugees during the month of September. If the White House continues bringing in refugees at this rate each month in Fiscal Year 2017, which begins on Saturday, the total number of arrivals from that war torn country would exceed 21,000.

Over 99 percent of these Syrian refugees (12,470 of 12,571) are Muslim while less than 1 percent (101 of 12,571) are Christian or of other faiths.

An anonymous official who works in one of the politically powerful resettlement agencies who receive more than $1 billion annually from the federal government to resettle refugees recently said he thinks the Obama administration will bring between 20,000 and 30,000 Syrian refugees into the United States in FY 2017.

“We anticipate that [the number of Syrian refugees arriving in FY 2017] will be above 12,500 but I don’t have a number other than that,” an official with the Obama administration testified before congress recently. Clearly, this was a lie.

With these numbers, we can be thankful that Obama is coming to the end of his term because if he were to continue with this trend there is no telling what could happen in the U.S. Hopefully the outcome of the 2016 elections will be that Hillary will be defeated and we can get rid of some of these outrageous policies that are causing so many issues.

H/T: MRCBlog.com


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