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White Student Sues School For Racial Discrimination


A white student attending a nearly all Hispanic and Black high school on Long Island is suing the school for racial discrimination.  Giovanni Micheli, now 23, and his parents are suing Brentwood HS over it’s failure to protect Micheli from physical and verbal abuse, including being hit with chairs and called “white boy” and “cracker” among other names.  When he complained to the white administrators at the school about the abuse, they told him he should project more confidence.  Would they have said the same thing to a black student?

Administrators also told him he could leave the school, but when his mother and father made that request, they were turned down.  Micheli was then thrown out of the school by administrators to be home schooled and then his parents sent him to a parochial school.  Micheli and his parents are suing for the cost of his schooling and other damages.

In his opening statement, Micheli’s lawyer,  Wayne Schaefer said:

“Giovanni was a minority because he was Caucasian.  This case is about discrimination against a minority student . . . Our claim is that there was deliberate indifference because he was a Caucasian student complaining in a district where Caucasians are a minority.”

The school in their defense claimed that Micheli could never give them enough of a description to find the offending students.  If only they had mug shots to show him…or maybe a yearbook?

Strangely enough, the administrators claim that Micheli used a racial epithet against black students during on episode of intimidation against Micheli.  I wonder how they knew that but can’t identify the black students involved.  Inquiring minds want to know.  Maybe I can ask Brian Williams.  He could have been there between getting shot at by ISIS.

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