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White Woman Who Faked Being Black Dis invited From MLK Event

America’s favorite white black woman has been disinvited to the MLK  Festival in North Carolina.  Rachel Dolezal, a former leader of the NAACP in Spokane Washington and a professor at Eastern Washington University was unceremoniously bumped from the panel discussion on racial identity at the North Carolina’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamfest in January.



Dolezal you may remember had a prominent place in black organizations until someone investigated her and found out she had white parents.  And white grandparents. And even white great grandparents.  She was forced to resign from the NAACP and I’m surprised that anyone would invite her to this event.  Once it became known that she was coming a huge uproar took place and it was decided to 86 her.

From Breitbart: 

Doug McRainey, Cary’s director of parks, recreation, and cultural resources, claims that the decision to remove Dolezal from the program was made after backlash erupted in the community.

“They made the decision about two weeks ago to remove her from the diversity summit, which we support,” McRainey said. “We had two focus group meetings with citizens and pastors, and I think the feeling was that her presence would take away from the goals of the Dreamfest.”

Cary City Councilman Don Frantz argued that Dolezal’s decision to live her life as a lie diminishes her ability to add an honest perspective to a discussion about racism in America. “I fail to see how somebody who lives a lie adds value to an honest discussion about real racial issues in this country,” he said in October. “I fail to understand the logic behind that decision if the goal is to have an honest discussion about racism in America.”
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