• April 15, 2024

WHOA: Pence Just Threw Donald Trump And Tucker Carlson Under The Bus…

Former Vice President Mike Pence avoided mentioning Tucker Carlson in his remarks Saturday at the annual Gridiron Club Dinner, saying only that what happened on January 6 “was a disgrace, and it mocks dignity to present it in any other way.”

It was also clear what he meant when he said that former President Donald Trump would be held accountable for that specific day in history.

The Gridiron event brings politicians and journalists together for an evening of teasing and ripping each other in an untelevised, white-tie event that is physically casual but sartorially formal. Nonetheless, according to sources at the event, Pence stopped the jokes to vent his rage at Trump and others about what happened on January 6, 2021, and later.

In response to Tucker Carlson’s most recent coverage of that day, Pence stated that characterizing the incidents as mere tourist attractions is both false and immoral.

Tourists do not harm 140 police officers while they explore. Visitors do not break open doors to gain access to the Speaker of the House. or make threats against public servants. The American people have a right to know what happened at the Capitol on January 6. I expect Fourth Estate employees to continue performing their duties, he said.

“Make no mistake, what happened that day was a disgrace, and to present it any other way is to insult dignity.”

What happened that day was without a doubt a disgrace, and to represent it in any other way would be to mock dignity, he said. Pence told Deadline that he brought up Carlson’s portrayal because he was concerned about “that narrative taking hold” in the aftermath of the incident.

Even more bluntly, Pence attacked Trump, declaring that he was not afraid for himself but was outraged by the vile remarks made by his former running mate throughout the day, which included several threats against Pence and images of him being executed for not annulling the election.

“I was angry but not terrified. Pence stated in his speech that President Trump was incorrect. “I had no right to reverse the election. And that day at the Capitol, his careless comments put my family and everyone else in danger. I’m confident that Donald Trump will be held responsible by history, he said.

Pence criticized Carlson and Trump before praising the media.

“In part, because you continued to stay at your station, we were able to remain at our post. Because you continued to report, the American people are aware of what transpired that day, he claimed. “You have my sincere gratitude and I know the gratitude of a grateful nation for all you do to uphold and strengthen this great democracy. I appreciate everything you do to protect freedom.

Although the event is never broadcast, the room was packed with reporters who covered the meal and Pence’s speech in detail, including Ted Johnson of Deadline, Kaitlan Collins of CNN, and Alex Leary of the Wall Street Journal.

Trump has yet to respond to Truth Social.

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