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Whoopi Goldberg Melts Down: Women Who Support Abortion are Pro-Life [VIDEO]

Whoopi Goldberg has said a lot of incredibly stupid things, but this could possibly the most asinine statement she has ever made.  According to Whoopi, women who have abortions and who support abortion are pro-life.



So, you can be pro-life while you are killing people?  Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler also believed that they had the right to pick and choose who was to live and die. Therefore, they too must have been pro-life.  The Batman shooter must also be pro-life.


“Maybe we should stop talking about being pro-life or anti-life because nobody is not for life,” Goldberg said. “We are pro-choice.”

That’s when co-host Sunny Hostin, a self-described pro-life Catholic, interjected on behalf of pro-life people everywhere.

“Pro-life is not a dirty word. You can’t define for me what pro-life is just like I can’t define for you what feminism is,” Hostin said.

But still, Goldberg insisted that “we are all pro-life” and that “I’m not defining anything for you.”

Hostin then attempted to explain the concept to Goldberg one last time.

“My faith tells me that life begins at conception. My faith tells me that abortion is wrong. My faith tells me that abortion is a sin,” Hostin said.

Whoopi concluded:

“They can make that decision for themselves. That is a decision that you should be able to make for yourself, as with anything.”

How Hitleresque!

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