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Why Is Everyone Criticizing This Girl’s Look? [VIDEO]

Raylynn has a pretty face, yet many people criticize her looks.  Raylynn is an Instagram star and has many followers who just love her looks, proving that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  She is not troubled by what other people thinks and she loves her own body and is very comfortable with it.

 With nearly half a million followers, Raylynn has become somewhat of an Instagram star. Her fame began when she decided to spread her body-positive message using her own body.

Her hips and buttocks measure 70 inches wide. She hopes that her journey of body acceptance will help others accept whatever makes them unique.

“I gain weight from the waist down,” Raylynn told The Doctors.

Raylynn added that the unique trait runs in most of her family. The women tend to have a small waist and stomach and a very large rear end — though none quite like hers.

Many accuse Raylynn of doctoring her photos or having some sort of condition. Dr. Andrew Ordon examined her and determined she had lipedema. The chronic disorder causes adipose tissue and lymphatic vessels to become dysfunctional. This causes excess fatty tissue in the hip region. Lipedema is most common in females.

Most people treat it with liposuction, however Raylynn chooses to accept her body.

“It’s not a flaw I can hide… I can’t hide it. I have to accept it… it’s just finding the beauty within your flaw,” she said.

Dr. Travis Stork agreed with Raylynn’s positive attitude toward her unique look.

“Raylynn is a shining example of loving yourself and celebrating your life,” Dr. Stork said.

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