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Wife Sits At Table When Husband Calls Her A Name [VIDEO]

This is seriously one of the best reactions I’ve seen in a long time.


A couple years back, Janel decided to send her parents a care package of sorts. She knew exactly when the postman was supposed to deliver the box, so she headed to their home in Vancouver, Washington to videotape the moment they opened it at the kitchen table.

At first, Janel’s parents had no idea why their daughter was so curious as to whether or not they were excited to open the package. “When you don’t have a clue, how do you know what you’re excited about?” Mom asked her.

Oh, you just wait.

Janel’s dad got out his knife, ripped open the package and pulled out a big blue blanket, perfectly folded up inside the box. But still, Janel’s mom didn’t see what all the fuss was about.

But then Dad began reading the inscription on the gift tag attached to the blanket. As you’ll see, it took mere seconds for Mom to put it all together. Janel’s parents just learned they were going to be first-time grandparents, and her mother’s reaction is absolutely priceless. Her reaction is so extreme, in fact, that her husband doesn’t even know what to do!

YouTube commenters from around the world have fallen in love with this grandma-to-be: “Holy cow! This made me laugh so hard. She is so adorable! At first she wasn’t even super excited about a surprise!” “What a reaction,” another commenter writes. “She went from a non excited person opening a gift to screaming in excitement. She is so sweet & will definitely be a wonderful Grandma.”

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This was great.  Would’ve been nice if the grandparents got up to hug the pregnant daughter, but still pretty great to see her reaction.

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