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[WIKILEAKS] Clinton Foundation Employees Rates it as Ineffective


In 2011, the Clinton Foundation did an internal review, probably at the behest of Chelsea Clinton who was trying to convince her father that Doug band and others were not acting in good faith.  Well, duh.  Why do you think he was selected?  Can she actually be so stupid as to thing the Foundation is a real charity?   In the review, they asked the employees of the Foundation to rate the charity.  When it came to distributing Aids medicines , the employees rated the Foundation between a 7 and an 8.  It was effectiveness where the Foundation did the worst rating a 4 out of 10.

Here are the signs employees say were most concerning to them:


  • both the CEO of the Clinton Foundation and the head of the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), Ira Magaziner, got to set their own salaries, without board oversight or approval;
  • “the Board does not appear to supervise, set compensation for, or evaluate the CEO” of the Clinton Foundation;
  • the Clinton Foundation had not implemented a conflict of interest policy;
  • numerous Clinton Foundation employees had outside jobs, and there were “instances in which gifts and other payments received by staff had not been properly disclosed”;
  • there was a “lack of internal controls” when it came to finances and how money was being spent on travel and lodging;

The employees did not see a clear command structure………..naturally, because the Clintons couldn’t afford to have their fingerprints all over the operation.

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