• July 13, 2024

[WIKILEAKS] Hillary Promoted TPP as Late as June 2015


Hillary could have been promoting well after that, we just don’t have any emails to confirm it.  What we do know is that by June of 2015, she knew what was in the agreement, so her excuse that the final draft was unacceptable is a total lie.  The final draft came six months later but was basically unchanged except for a few minor changes’  The TPP is anti-American dream.

Clinton was looking for a way to push the TPP.  She was excited when former Obama aide, Larry Summers wrote in the Washington Post that failing to pass the TPP would diminish US power in the world.  Wrong.  Passing it would because we have to give up so much sovereignty that we could end up being at the mercy of much smaller countries because every member gets an equal vote regardless of population.

From The Washington Times:

In a March 2015 email, her team had drafted a letter on trade and her speechwriter said he assumed “that she’s ultimately going to support both TPA and TPP.”

But she has been forced to alter her stance during this campaign, battered from the left by Sen. Bernard Sanders and from the right by GOP nominee Donald Trump, both of whom oppose the TPP.

Mrs. Clinton finally came out against the TPP in October 2015, saying what she’s learned about the agreement had soured her on it. Mrs. Clinton announced her opposition just days ahead of a Democratic primary debate with Mr. Sanders.

The final text of the TPP wasn’t agreed to until earlier this year.

In a series of emails plotting how Mrs. Clinton would announce her opposition in October, Mr. Sullivan appears to bow to fears of angering the White House, removing criticism of the South Korea free trade deal that President George W. Bush negotiated but President Obama finally shepherded through.

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