Will Trump Hear The Cries of Child Sex-Trafficking Survivor’s Horrid Life Crisis?

When families across America were celebrating the New Year, there were literally tens of thousands of young teens and children cowering in terror because they continue to be tragic victims of child sex trafficking. The truth is revealed by Grace Elizabeth of Reallygraceful YouTube channel interview of Becki Percy, a victim of child trafficking who escaped from Britain and sought asylum in the US. Learn how Becki’s own personal testimony during January’s ‘Human Trafficking Awareness Month’ may reach into your own community or family.  Silence is betrayal.


Absolutely chilling is the only way one can describe how victims like Becki Percy can actually live unknown, undefended and attacked daily by monsters of vileness whose victims fear not coming forward to Child Protective Services when given the chance. she revealed to Grace Elizabeth how her torturous experience began early when she was a young child without any possible adult willing to rescue her shattered young life.

While the previous administration may have paid lip service in dealing with the nationwide crisis, victims may now be able to turn to  incoming President Donald Trump who has pledged to be a president who understands that America cannot be great while the most defenseless in society are weak.  Will he hear Becki’s cry along with the millions of other teens and children and their families?  Will he make this a priority?

One priority which must be dealt with in the war to protect these victims of sec trafficking is to deal with the many deplorable methods that child trafficker terrorists use in kidnapping their victims including social media.  According to Sara Collins, the Northwest Regional Navigator for Safe Harbor/No Wrong Door through Support Within Reach, “Rapid changing technology, and apps and websites that are a thumb tap and a swipe away are changing faster than advocates and law enforcement can keep up,” reported the Herald Review.

Sara talks about rapid changing technology, and apps and websites that are a thumb tap and a swipe away and how they are changing faster than advocates and law enforcement can keep up.

How Large is the Problem?

According to the organization Thorn, an international research team that documents the North American and worldwide crisis:


  • 63% of underage sex trafficking victims said they had been advertised or sold online.
  • 325,000 children are at risk for becoming victims of sexual exploitation in North America.
  • The average age of entry into the sex trade in America is 14 – 16 years’ old
  • A pimp can make $150,000-$200,000 per child each year and exploits an average of 4-6 girls. (Trafficked Teen Girls Describe Life In ‘The Game’, NPR, 2010)
  • One in six endangered runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in 2013 were likely sex trafficking victims. (Missing Kids)

Sara Collins believes that Americans have to literally open their eyes and begin to have a conversation about the reality of these issues that may be impacting on a missing child of a friend, family member or neighbor. She stressed, “The first thing that every one of us can do, is start changing the conversation about these issues, and before we can start changing the conversation, we need to start having the conversation,” According to the Herald Review.

In order to understand the depth of the dilemma facing these children and teens it will prove helpful to read about their own personal life stories and see how the fear and terror infects every aspect of their life.

Here are a few of their comments from the 2015 Voices of Safe Harbor: Survivor & Youth Input for Minnesota’s Model Protocol on Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Youth Report’:

  • “Because you’re a prostitute, they think you’re dirty, filthy, that you’re trying to get over. They don’t think maybe this person needs counseling instead of labeling them as a prostitute… they (don’t) think that there could be reasons behind it.”
  • “We’re not choosing to do this. We go with it because we don’t know other options.”
  • Another thing that adults don’t really get is that they need to take kids seriously . . .
  • they just can’t talk to a school counselor and everything will be okay.”
  • “[Those outside “the life”] don’t understand the damage it can do.”

Becki’s voice in  Grace Elizabeth’s interview and in her own video testimony is powerful and filled with candor and insight. Her voice is a rallying cry for the sexually exploited youth who are both victim and survivor. Becki has chosen to be a survivor and not to remain silent behind a wall of fear.  Chose to view her interview and her story and not remain silent in 2017.  Silence is Betrayal.

Grace Elizabeth Interview with Child Trafficking Survivor


Becki Percy Pizzagate Testimony Part 1 and 2

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