• June 20, 2024

Woman Beheaded in the Street in the Middle of the Day [EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIDEO]

A Myanmar woman was beheaded in the middle of the street, after her husband accused her of killing their 7 year old daughter.  The woman is heard screaming over and over that she was innocent.

In Saudi Arabia innocence  isn’t sufficient to save you from Sharia Law and besides it’s cheaper than divorce.



The Israel Video Network:

In this graphic video taken in Saudi Arabia near the city of Mecca, a woman is punished for having committed what her husband alleges is the murder of his 7-year-old daughter.

The convicted woman is led out before a crowd in broad daylight and beheaded in the middle of a lot.

It is unknown whether or not she was afforded due process during her defense, but the Saudi justice system is typically discriminatory against female defendants.

Are these savages people that can be reasoned with?


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