• April 15, 2024

Woman Checks If 4-Year-Old’s Nightmares About Man Outside Window Are True, Gets Huge Shock

A shocked mother discovered the creepy man her daughter saw peering through the window in a ‘bad dream’ was REAL.

The mum was left terrified when her four-year-old described seeing a strange person shining a light into her bedroom, asking her to ‘come to his house‘.

Writing on the Spotted About Frome Facebook page, she said: “Always believe what your children say!!

“My daughter was adamant a man was shinning a light in her window when she see it she looked out and a man asked her to come his house.

“Well tonight I see it happen, police have been and well she was 100% truthly.”

Police in Somerset have confirmed that they had a report about the alarming incident.

Warning other parents in the area, the mother added on Facebook: “Note to all! There’s a weirdo about Frome!

“Police have said they are aware of it. (They) know his whereabouts no harm have come to children “yet” but he has issues.

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