• November 26, 2021

Woman Discovers a Miracle Cure for Rape…100% Effective


A woman who lives in the Madhya Pradesh area of India successfully fought off her brother in law, who was about to rape her.  She says that he has been attacking her ever since her husband left her there while he was working hundreds of miles away.  This time she was ready.  She pretended to go along with her rapist but at a moment’s notice, she pulled out a sickle and cut his genitals off.

The police were surprised when she walked into the station house, carrying the man’s package with her three children in tow.  They immediately went to assist the man and take him to the hospital to try reattachment surgery.  They were too late.  The man had committed suicide by hanging himself.  I guess as he sat there with no cojones, he decided he had two choices.  He could either commit suicide or put on a blond wig and change his name to Caitlyn.  He chose the former.

The woman says that her husband dropped her off at his brothers while he was working out of the area, but she says that her brother in law had been attacking her sexually from Day 1.  She finally got to the point that she could only see one way to end the abuse.  And so she did.

The police have decided she is mentally competent to stand trial and says that she does not regret her actions.  They have indicated that she will be charged but they are waiting until the end of the investigation to decide what charges to bring.

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