• November 27, 2021

Woman Drops ‘F-Bomb’ On Black Man, His Instant Payback To Her Has Gone Viral

The story of this man’s action in the face of insult has been shared hundred of thousands of times, and counting…

Here it is, in his own words:

I was just in line at the gas station to get some gas minding my own business.. It was this young lady in front of me taking for ever.. I overheard the cashier tell her that both of the cards was declined? she said is something wrong with your machine.. She turned around to walk away and I had a smile on my face.. She said to me why are you f**king smiling.. I said to her watch your mouth always smile and you should too.. I looked at The cashier and said what pump number is she on.. he said pump number two why? I said can I put $20 on pump number two for her..he said are you serious she was very rude to you.. It was another black guy behind me he said go ahead and fill it up… We both went half on her gas.. When we walked outside to tell her about the gas this lady apologize so many times crying her eyes out..she went inside her truck to show us her new hire paperwork?☺️ she start work on Monday so she needed gas for the week until she get paid… Lord thank you for reminding me of all the reasons why I should keep a smile on my face. That goes to show you we never know what a person is going through And we all have a purpose on this earth!

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Source: Bryan Brown Facebook

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