• April 13, 2024

Woman Has ALL Female Parts Removed In Order To Become Genderless

Lore Graham of Boston was sick of wearing bras and didn’t like having her period. She claims she isn’t either male or female but is ‘gender neutral so she found some quack doctor to get rid of her breasts and give her a full hysterectomy at a young age.

From The Daily Mail UK:

Up until recently, Lore lived as a feminine cisgender girl – meaning, Lore was biologically a girl and also projected as one. But that lifestyle never felt quite right, and being a typical ‘girl’ wasn’t a perfect fit. However, Lore isn’t totally transgender, and didn’t necessarily want to be a boy either – so complete sexual reassignment surgery was not the solution.

‘I felt weird having breasts and I despised my body’s ability to get pregnant,’ Lore explained. ‘I started taking testosterone three years ago, which improved my mental health and body image but didn’t solve the problem of my chest or uterus.’
So, this summer, Lore went under the knife for both breast and reproductive organ removal – two major surgeries that were performed in the span of about a month.

‘If desired, I put on a shirt. That’s it. No bras, no binders, no support or compression, no back pain, no worrying about what type of shirt, nothing. It’s f***ing great,’ Lore said.

The self-described ‘androgynous, neuter person’ now smiles while looking at the scars from surgery. Lore used to suffer from ‘serious anxiety’, but now feels relieved to never feel worried about getting pregnant or getting a period.

According to Lore, who no longer feels stuck in a stranger’s body, making a decision about one’s own body, independent of what society thinks or expects, is empowering.

Whatever happened to ethics in the medical community? This is clearly a young woman who has mental issues. How could any doctor let her mutilate her body in such an extreme way?

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