• November 29, 2023

Woman Just Did Something Unbelievable Following This Crash

This week, police officers responded to a traffic collision in Georgetown, Delaware. It was nothing special so they thought, but later they got a major surprise. It all started about a month ago when one of their officers stopped a man and gave him a ticket for not wearing his seat belt.

There is an old saying that “no good deed goes unpunished.” Well, that same officer just received a message from the victim’s wife this week. It was that same man that was involved in a head on crash this week. That accident resulted in his truck being totaled. But Officers said the man miraculously walked away from the accident suffering only minor swelling and bruises. His wife quickly credited the month-old seat belt ticket for saving her husband’s life this morning.


A spokesperson for the Georgetown Police Department in Delaware confirmed that they had received a message thanking one of their officers for writing a seat belt ticket, They said that act, encouraged her husband to start wear his seat belt. The wife confirmed in her note that it was in fact, her husband’s vehicle  that was struck head-on in Smyrna, Del. on his way to work. She went on to explain that even though the truck was totaled, ma, resulting in his truck being totaled. However, he would escape with minor injuries.

She went on to tell officers how his first words to her at the hospital were, “I have to call that officer and say thank you.” “I’m saying thank you, also, because I believe that it saved his life, today. We’ve been married for 27 years. We’re raising 2 of our grandchildren. I need him,” she wrote.

The story was posted on the Georgetown Police Department Facebook page along with the following message to everyone. “This is why we do what we do,”

Maybe the next time you get stopped by an officer just doing his job, trying to protect us from ourselves, you might stop for just a second and instead of wanting to argue with him about why you were stopped, tell him thank you for looking out after you and your family. Who knows you might even just get out of that Ticket.




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