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Women Are Flocking to Plastic Surgeons to Get the Ivanka Look

There are reports from around the world that women are flocking to plastic surgeons to duplicate the Ivanka look.  Not that I blame them.  Both Ivanka and Melania are knockouts.  Does anyone remember women fighting for the Michelle look? Well, Michelle has the kind of body men love.  It’s just a damn shame one wasn’t born with it.  And both Trump women have style and Grace and those are the only two things Michelle has never been accused of.


Women in China are especially interested in the Ivanka look.  Women in America admitted to spending as much as $90,000 for cosmetic surgery to get the so-called Ivanka look.

Li Yunxing, from Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management, said young women are lusting over Ivanka’s features.

She said: “Young women here want Ivanka’s big eyes, her pretty nose and lips and her flawless figure.

“Her facial features, disposition and appearance are perfect, no matter whether they are judged by the beauty standards of the East or West.”


The company, based in the city of Foshan, offers breast implants, liposuction and nose and eye augmentation all inspired by the First Daughter.

Its name, registered before the election, is the Chinese translation of Ivanka.

The latest cosmetic surgery boom comes as businesses in the country pile in on the “Ivanka effect”.

Companies have been applying to register under the name Yiwanka, with the vast range of products including underwear and sanitary towels.

More than 250 businesses have lodged bids for “Ivanka” trademarks since dad Donald won the election in November last year.

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