• October 27, 2021

Workers Spent Days Watching Movies, Bashing White Ladies…Says Fired VA Worker


A woman who was fired from the VA for bringing a stun gun to work and discharging it several times, has decided to expose what goes on in her former office.  She says it’s hypocritical to fire her when workers spend all day watching movies and attacking “White Ladies.”  She worked in the “Non-VA Purchased Care Support Office.”  That office makes payments to private doctors who see veterans.  The woman, Yolanda Cobia, says that her office didn’t like the program they administered because they felt that by using private doctors, it threatened their jobs.

Cobia says that the workers would intentionally not make payments to doctors to get them to drop VA patients.  Cobia is now trying to claim whistleblower status in order to get her job back, even though she did practically nothing about the corruption she claims occurred in the office before she was fired.  She is probably going that route because the VA is under fire for retaliating against workers who spilled the beans on incompetence and corruption.

From The Daily Caller:

Khadijah Abdullah, a VA employee who tried to help Cobia avoid being fired, wrote in a statement to MSPB that “on the day that Yolanda was questioned about a stunt [sic] gun … Deborah Williams was outside … where she was confronting a white lady about a car incident, they were going at it for about five minutes when three other VA Annex employee decide [sic] to come to her aide [sic]…. Patrica [sic] Couser and Monica Gee both jump [sic] in the lady [sic] face using Profanity [sic] along with Deborah Williams while the lady held her cell phone in her hand calling for the Philadelphia Police.”

Cobia told MSPB that she “went to the 16th district police department, after making several calls and online tips. To report their conduct, because this civilian was a victim, just like myself. Went to investigate the conduct of them ganging up on this white woman.”

When she was caught firing her stun pistol off in the office, she was showing a fellow worker the gun because she felt she could use the protection.  She also claims she didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.  Cobia has been spilling the beans on what went on in her office.  Workers would leave work and go out for fun, coming back later that night, at which time they would put in for and receive overtime.  Another employee brought her kids to work to save on daycare and she was basically being paid to play with her own kids.

Your tax dollars at work.


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