• May 29, 2023

WOW: An NFL All Pro Just Took Sleepy Joe Biden And Ripped Him A New One…

Green Bay Packers tackle who has won two All-Pro awards David Bakhtiari is fully aware of how crucial it is to adhere to the Xs and Os so that a play comes together as intended once the craziness of live action kicks in.

But in the eyes of the American president, it’s wrong when a script is substituted for anything that should be live.

President Joe Biden was photographed last month clutching a card with a picture of a reporter, how to say her name and a question she seemed ready to ask.


Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary at the White House, described the cheat sheet as “entirely normal.”

Bakhtiari blew the whistle on that comment on Twitter.

“Can we have authentic and real NON-SCRIPTED interviews?? I understand and agree with prepping someone (like studying for a test) but this is a bit too far. It’s just one big play,” he said.

Amid pushback, the big guy stood his ground.

“Again. Let me state this: I know both sides do this. This isn’t about sides. Neither should. And if they need this to ‘not look like a dumba**..’ then maybe, just maybe, we should raise the qualification bar,” he said.


He said Packers players get suggestions for questions, but not a script.

“We get generic points that’ll be ask and suggestions of how to navigate our answers. For the most part it is a free for all from the questions, to the answers,” he said.

Concerns from last year when a similarly detailed one surfaced were mirrored in the uproar last month over the elaborate note cards given to Biden.

Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson of Texas, a former White House physician, has urged Biden to take a cognitive test and make the findings public due to that incident and other similar ones throughout his term.

“The American people deserve to have absolute confidence in their president and trust that he or she can perform his or her duties. Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s mental health is sharply deteriorating while the whole world watches,” Jackson said in a news release on his website.

“This is not a political issue, even Democrats are losing faith in the man they put in the White House. Americans WANT a mentally fit leader and reassurance that the man they elected is a cognitively sound Commander in Chief,” he said.

“I administered a cognitive test to President Donald J. Trump, and it’s time that President Biden is held to the same standard. The American people deserve answers. If Biden can’t step up to the plate and take a cognitive test, then he shouldn’t run for president again,” he said.


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