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WOW: Crooked Lindsey Graham Just Threatened Trump Legal Team

Lindsey Graham is back to his old ways of being the biggest traitor and backstabber to the American people. This guy is the worse and it embarrasses me to say that he is my state senator. I just can’t seem to understand why my fellow South Carolinians just keep voting this spinless toad back in the office, but that is an article for another day. Today we will be covering how Graham has turned his back on Trump again and even went as far as to “warn” the Trump legal team too.

After months of kissing Trump’s ass so he could win his election seat….again, he is now spitting in his face by also supporting Liz Cheney in her bid to impeach the best president we have had in years.

Graham went on Twitter to show his support for Cheney despite the massive push back from the American people who are not behind this motion.

Graham and his new best friend, Mitch McConnell are on the side of Cheney which is not on the side of the American people. These two traitors are desperate to keep the old guard still in place so they can stay in power and keep their paychecks rolling in. This is why millions of Americans and Republicans are done with the Republican party. These politicians believe Americans voted for them in spite of President Trump and not because of President Trump.

Oh, but Graham was not done yet.

Graham then went as far as to threaten the President by reportedly stating the President should not talk about the (obvious) election fraud in the 2020 election. Americans know the election is a joke, but the bitter politicians in DC don’t:

Someone needs to give Graham a wake-up call and let him know that the American people do not believe that Sleepy Joe Biden won the election at all. These RINOs may want to believe that so they can stay in their cushy jobs but the rest of us know that isn’t at all true. The American people want the evidence to be brought forward so that all can see how crooked the mainstream media and the elites are so we can root them out for good. The only people that believe that Biden truly won is Graham, Cheney, McConnell, the Democrats, and their Big Media and Big Tech tools.

And, it is time that they learned the truth.

What do you all think?


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