• June 24, 2024

YES! This University Just Held A 72 Hour Prayer Marathon And That’s Not Even The Best Part..

Baylor University in Texas held 72 hours of continuous prayer and worship for its students last week, resulting in the baptism of 20 people.

FM72 was held with the goal of revitalizing and renewing the Baylor campus, the city of Waco, where the university is located, and the world.

FM72’s purpose was explained to a student writer for Baylor’s website by Charles Ramsey, the director of Baptist Student Ministries at Baylor.

“The goal of FM72 is to stir a passion for Jesus Christ in the Baylor community,” Ramsey said. “It is a time to take inventory of one’s own journey, to linger in prayer, to recalibrate towards what is most important: our shared faith in Jesus Christ.”

“Simply put, the goal is that every person experiences a clear, caring, and compelling invitation to know Jesus, and to find a discipleship community where they can grow and flourish,” added Ramsey.

Baylor University held a similar event in 1945, during which students prayed for renewal for 90 days.

“The 1945 generation experienced revival, a spiritual awakening that brought a searing clarity about what is truly important,” Ramsey said of the event. They realized that faith was more than just a good thing; it was a necessary component of living a good life. “‘I’d rather have Jesus,’ their motto, was a defiance statement to the political, social, and economic forces whose allure was drawing them away from a life centered on Christ.”


This 1945 revival had a global impact, spawning ministries such as the Journeyman mission program and the Passion Conference.

“There is a wonder, and sense of joy in discovering prayer, and for many this opens the way to an ongoing and deepening devotional, a more personal faith and a love for the church,” Ramsey said.

During these 72 hours, more than 20 students were baptized.

While Christianity appears to be under attack in the United States these days, it is refreshing to see a university shamelessly display its students’ religion for all to see.

Although the event is Christian-centered, Ramsey stated that anyone of any religious affiliation is welcome to attend and wander through the tents set up for students to pray.

“We hope that any person who enters, regardless of their spiritual journey or faith tradition, could walk through these stations and have a time of silent preparation, reflection, and petition. There is no reason to be there, no pretense, and no need for an excuse. We are here to seek the Lord. It is a vulnerable and yet endearing and empowering experience to pray – to ‘get spiritual’ with your friends and colleagues.”

Because the first session was so successful, the University has announced a second 72-hour prayer revival from March 27th to March 30th.



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