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You Will Never Guess What Anti-Gas Pipeline Protesters Wanted Donations For

Members of Two Rivers Camp – Stop Trans-Pecos Pipeline are wanting to relocate to Kansas so they can protest another gas pipeline.  They are hoping to become the new  Dakota Access Pipeline protesters who appeared on TV everyday.  So far they have had little to no luck.  And after failing miserably in Texas, why would they now want to go to Kansas?


Demonstrators hoped to use DAPL-style tactics against Trans-Pecos. In particular, they worked to erect makeshift campsites near the project’s construction site, and planned non-violent “direct actions” against those building it.

The Two Rivers campsite popped up a month after the Army Corps of Engineers initially rejected the previously approved DAPL project, which was a nearly 1,200-mile-long pipeline. But President Donald Trump eventually approved the multi-billion project to carry Bakken oil from the Dakotas to Illinois.

Activists and members of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe spent months railing against the $3.7 billion DAPL project, based on the belief the pipeline would trample tribal grounds and potentially poison the tribe’s primary water supply.

Two Rivers tried to make the case that a 150 pipeline from Texas to Mexico would destroy their water, even though none of the 24 million miles of pipeline in existence has ever done that.  But the beautiful irony in this story is the post they sent out to their followers asking them for help for this:

Two Rivers Camp – Stop Trans Pecos Pipeline

on Wednesday

Asking for some help , some of us from camp are headed out to meet other relatives to get more supplies for the camp in Kansas to help us transition and continue the fight, we could use some help with gas and we also have a few water protectors that are also asking for some help with gas money because they got stuck. Please help and donate what ever small amount you can as it all helps and is very appreciated. Thank you 

They need gas so they can protest gas pipelines.  Delicious.


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