• May 18, 2022

You Won’t Believe the Reason the Police Say San Bernardino Couple Killed 14


Every time a radical Islamic or a group of Islamic radicals commit an act of terrorism related to their religion, Liberals pull out all stops in an attempt to divert attention from the Religion of War.  But there are some reasons that not even a Hillary voter can buy and that’s saying a lot.  I mean Hillary voters believe that Hillary didn’t do all those favors she gave out for 200 million dollars and also believe that her email system was allowed despite the fact that even liberals in the State Department says it wasn’t.  These clueless b***ards will believe anything but they won’t believe this.

The San Bernardino Police Department’s Police Chief Jarrod Burguan has determined that the radical Islamic couple killed 14 people because the husband had to attend a Christmas party.  OMG!!  The inhumanity of the situation.  This of course is more fake news from hypocritical liberals.

From The WaPo:

The FBI said it was investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism after it emerged that Malik had posted a pledge of allegiance on Facebook to the leader of the Islamic State, a message made on behalf of both attackers. Authorities say both were radicalized for some time before the attack, although investigators said they do not think Malik and Farook were directly guided by a foreign terrorist group.

“The brutality of the attack’s perpetrators could not have been in starker contrast to the selflessness and generosity that characterized those taken from us,” the White House said in a statement marking the anniversary Friday and honoring the victims of the attack. Using another acronym for the Islamic State, the message continued: “In the year since this tragedy, we have mourned those we lost, just as we have continued to confront the violent ideology behind this attack as well as the terrorist groups, including ISIL, that propagate it.”

This was long before the Christmas party in question was even planned.  Don’t believe the hype.  Word.

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