• September 24, 2023

You Won’t Believe What Flag This High School Will Be Flying

Administrators at Montpelier High School in Montpelier, Vermont, has made the decision to fly a flag over the school for the month of February. I find that to be strange considering how many schools don’t like the American flag because it’s a sign of white supremacy, whatever that is. They have decided that the school should fly the flag of a domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter. If the American flag is threatening to blacks, many who have died for it, why wouldn’t the BLM flag be threatening to whites considering how many whites have been attacked under it.

School administrators said in a public statement said:

“Vermont has a long history of being at the forefront of civil rights movements. Our state was the first to abolish slavery in its constitution and the first to enroll and graduate a black student, who subsequently served in the state legislature. The School Board’s decision to fly a Black Lives Matter flag builds on that legacy.”

A black student group at the school pushed and the administrators folded like a cheap card table. It seems to me that the school could have posted something positive about their black students with a positive message. Flying a flag of violence sets a bad example. What if we had white history month and flew the Confederate flag? Would they accept that, too?

From Breitbart

Despite that purported “progress,” the group is demanding more be done. “And yet,” the group said, “we need to do more to raise our predominantly white community’s collective consciousness to better recognize white privilege and implicit bias.”

The group, though, did acknowledge that the BLM flag has flown over troubling incidents of domestic violence:We will raise the flag with love in our hearts and courage in our voices. We reject any purported connections to violence or hate that may or may not have occurred under the Black Lives Matter flag. We recognize that all lives do matter, but in the same spirit, not all lives are acknowledged for their equal importance until black lives have been.

This is not uniting. This is division of our society.


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