• June 20, 2024

10 Red Flag Behaviors That Signal An Abusive Relationship

An interesting study concludes that people bound by the ideology of honor might find themselves chained to an abusive partner and be unable to see their partner for who he or she really is. According to the study: a woman sees this man as needing her to help mold his personality into what she would like, for his best. But some men don’t work that way, and so is born the “trophy wife”. The 10 warning signs are in attached link.

According to PsycologyToday:

In the United States, statistics show that well over 1 million people, primarily women, suffer from domestic abuse each year, typically at the hands of husbands, boyfriends, ex-husbands, or ex-boyfriends. In regions of the country characterized by a strong orientation toward honor, rates of the most extreme form of domestic abuse—domestic homicide—are likely to be higher than in other regions, at least among Caucasians.

The thought of honoring a spouse as a reason to stay in an abusive relationship is not good enough. Especially when a person’s well being is in jeopardy. And if there are children involved all the more reason to seek assistance. No woman or man needs, to live in fear in their own home. In light of the many resources we now have; especially in cases of domestic abuse, there should be no reason for a woman/man to stay in an abusive relationship. What do you think?

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