• September 22, 2023

11 Hilarious Reflection Fails [PHOTOS]

Have you ever had a good day and then looked in the mirror only to have your mood instantly destroyed? Yeah, me neither, but that’s just because I happen to be very attractive…

Anyway, generally speaking, we all have our off days, and our reflections can be particularly harsh reminders of that.

Anyways, enjoy these funny reflections.

Have a look

#1 Please check thoroughly before taking a selfie in a bathroom.

#2 If anyone notices the traffic jam in this picture, kindly inform me too.

#3 What is this guy selling? His television or that round fat tummy?

#4 It looks like he just saw an alien. Chill mate.

#5 That Photobomb though.

#6 Yes, this is pure beauty. Well, I’m talking about the man in the mirror.

#7 Well, that’s unfortuante.

#8 Caught you looking

How long did you stare at the sunglasses looking for the reflection?

#9 Who wore it better?

#10 The reflection in the airplane body would suggest that the airport took off with you

#11 When you’re dreaming of the perfect date


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