13yr Old Girl Struck And Killed By Train While Trying To Get The Cellphone From Tracks [VIDEO]

A girl from Queens was killed by a subway train as she tried to recover her cellphone that has Fallen onto the train tracks.


Dina Kadribasic, 13-year old, died after had been on her way to the mall to meet her friend.

According to witnesses on the platform, Kadribasic accidentally dropped her cellphone on the tracks, and jumped in to retrieve it. After lowering herself to the tracks beneath the Queens Boulevard on the R Train, at the 63rd Drive-Rego Park stop, in pursuit of her dropped phone.

The tracks of the train are four feet below the platform, and she had a hard time scrambling getting back up before being hit by the R Train.

Passengers on the R Train reported that they heard a loud sound as they pulled into the station. They looked out of the window and saw multiple people crying and screaming. People were trying to lift the train to free the girl, but she was thrown several feet by the impact.

The girl was rushed to the Elmhurst Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Dina’s funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

After the accident, New York City Transit released a statement urging customers to alert subway staff if they drop something on to the tracks rather than trying to recover it themselves.

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