• June 13, 2024

17 Year Old Boy Hung To Death In Iran For Being Gay

Don’t let it be said that you have not been warned. President Obama continues to move forward with middle eastern resettlement in the United States. Can we all agree these people are mostly muslim and abide by their, so called  Sharia Law, which they will bring with them. Can someone on the left explain to me how you continue to support Obama or Hillary Clinton? Democrats pander to the LGBT community, yet they are in bed with the Iranians who do such horrible things to human beings.


According to Pink News.co.uk:

The secondary school pupil was executed after he was convicted of raping another boy, during a two-month trial in which he had no legal representation. Homosexual conduct’ remains illegal under Iran’s Sharia law and is punishable by fines, public flogging or even execution. Hassan Afshar was informed of his death penalty verdict seven months after he was convicted and was executed behind closed doors without the knowledge of his family.The execution went ahead even though he was only 17 at the time of the alleged crime.

Liberal hypocrisy on full display, but Donald Trump is the bad guy? I have to say if it were not for the criminal activities of the media, the democratic party would have been gone years ago. This poor boy didn’t have a chance. What do you think?




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