• July 19, 2024

Video: Woman, Dog Assaulted by Muslims

Recently, a video was found concerning a woman in Denmark who was beaten and thrown in a lake by a group of Muslim men because they hated dogs and claimed that the woman’s dog offended Allah.

In what started as an innocent walk near a lake with her dog, as she stated that she has done many times, has now centered on life and death within Denmark.

The Danish woman, visibly upset and frightened, posted a video of her encounter with the Muslim men in which the Muslim men also threw rocks at her and her dog and she is not sure if she can ever go outside with her dog again.


Denmark is learning the hard way of trying to appease the Muslims and the painful lessons will continue.

When they arrive, Denmark gives them every benefit under Denmark’s welfare state has to offer such as free medical care, free education through university, housing that is often better than what poor natives have to make do with, integration allowances, free language education, disability pensions, old age pensions, equal rights under the law etc.

Can’t pay for yourself, your wife (or wives) and your numerous children because you are not qualified for a job or would rather not work? Not a problem as the Danish taxpayers will provide them with everything they need in which the Muslims return the favor and commit violence against the Danish people.

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