• October 6, 2022

28% of Transgendered “Women” Have HIV Says Center for Disease Control (CDC)


A recent study by the CDC has found that transgendered “women” have an unusually high rate of HIV infections.  But, the way they frame it is very deceptive.  They blame it on the stigma.  That and lack of support from their family.  So, if your family accepts you, you will have less unprotected sex?  I’m amazed that they don’t call it racist.  After all, black transgendered “women have 3 times the rate of HIV than other “women” transgenders.  Black transgenders have an HIV rate of 56%.  White “women, 17% and Hispanic transgenders 16%.

Later in the article it mentions other causes for the spread of the disease, including unprotected anal sex, trading sex for drugs and sex with multiple partners.  But this was added as sort of an afterthought because liberals want to blame society and not the unsafe sex practices of transgenders.

The high rate of HIV among transgenders is just another reason for real women to worry about sharing a bathroom with transgender “women.”  Especially worrisome is the contact they could have with little girls.  Parents have enough to worry about these days without also facing the pitfalls of political correctness.  No doubt this story will be well covered by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times and other liberal news outlets.  (Just kidding)

The CDC claims in their report:

“Many transgender people face social rejection and marginalization that excludes them from participating and functioning in society.”

One of the results of this “rejection and marginalization” is that “[s]ome transgender people who experience poverty rely on sex work to meet their basic survival needs,”

When the question was posed to the transgender women in the study, 42% claim they participate in sex for money.  It reminds me of the taxpayer study that discovered that global warming caused poor black women to turn to prostitution.  I guess before global warming all prostitutes were rich white women.  Fighting global warming is not the answer, fighting poverty is.


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