• September 26, 2022

49 Birds Miraculously Appear Over Orlando Victim’s Memorial

When we’re confronted with something as tragic, as difficult to cope with, as theĀ Orlando shooting, some of us will look for solace in the divine.

And in those moments, the little things — ones that don’t lend themselves to ready explanations — can take on great significance.
This is the story of one such moment.
As the names of the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting were being read at a vigil in Orlando, a photographer noticed something up above: A flock of birds flying by.
She snapped a quick photo. But it wasn’t until she counted the birds in her frame that she was truly surprised: There were 49.
“I then showed everyone around me and had them count,” she said. “We were all stunned.”
Sense of peace
The candlelight vigil was held Monday at the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center. The photographer said there was a deafening silence between the pauses of the names being read and painful sobs in the crowd.
She, like many others, was mourning the loss of someone she knew when she noticed the birds.
“Seeing the birds made me feel a sense of peace about the tragedy,” she said.
A spokesman for the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center said the birds were a surprise to them as well. He said the center didn’t release the birds during the vigil.
About 60 miles away at a separate vigil in Lakeland, Florida, 49 doves were released. But the birds in the picture appear to be black.
Where the birds came from is unknown.

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