• May 18, 2022

9/11 Mastermind..George Bush Prevented 2nd Wave of Attacks


Psychologist James E. Mitchell who interviewed 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheik Mohammed,  has revealed some startling information that he received from Mohammad.  In an interview with the Washington Post, Mitchell revealed that Al Qaeda had a second wave of attacks planned but that they were thwarted by George W Bush’s reaction to 9/11.  (Evidently, radical Islamists have a hard time telling the difference between R and D)

Mitchell writes that Al Qaeda was caught completely by surprise by Bush’s resolve and how seriously he took the attacks.  Al Qaeda had expected Bush to handle it like a law enforcement operation like Clinton.  (And later like Obama, who even denies terrorism at all)  Because of Bush’s resolve, Mohammad told Mitchell Al Qaeda was forced to drop the second wave of attacks.

“How was I supposed to know that cowboy George Bush would announce he wanted us ‘dead or alive’ and then invade Afghanistan to hunt us down?”

From The Conservative Tribune:

Mitchell added that Mohammed explained that if the United States had treated the attack like a law enforcement matter, “he would have had time to launch a second wave of attacks.” But Al Qaeda didn’t have time to plan a second attack because they were shocked “by the ferocity and swiftness of George W. Bush’s response.”

Mohammed also told Mitchell that Al Qaeda was still intent on destroying America, Brietbart reported. “We will win because Americans don’t realize … we do not need to defeat you militarily; we only need to fight long enough for you to defeat yourself by quitting.”

The left loves to hate George Bush, and to this day they still try to blame him for many of the things that are wrong with our country.

Bush was looking out for the best interests for America, something President Barack Obama has never truly done. Over the past eight years, Obama has done many horrible things, but one of the worst things he has done has been weakening our military, which only serves to strengthen the resolve of our enemies.

It is comforting to know that we elected a man who has vowed to take on barbarians like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.



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