• June 25, 2022

Ohio State Official Praises Terrorist, Ignores Victims



Ohio State University Assistant Director of Residence Life Stephanie Clemons Thompson made a Facebook post showing sympathy for  Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an Islamic terrorist. who injured 11 people in a car and knife attack on the Ohio State campus.  But she never mentions the victims.  The Daily Caller tried to verify that Thompson made the post, but were unsuccessful.  It’s not a hacked post in my opinion because if it were a hacker, he would want it shared a million times and the posting specifically not to share.

She must have some pretty radical followers if she trusted them but not people it would be shared with.  Here is the post:

Think of the pain he must have been in?  What about the victims pain?  Weren’t they Buckeyes?  Weren’t they part of the university?  But then again she also is sympathetic to the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter, so it’s easy to see where her true sympathies lie.  I find this behavior inexcusable and so should the university, but don’t bet on it.

From The Conservative Tribune:

The terrorist reportedly complained about the campus not having enough prayer rooms and that he didn’t feel comfortable enough to pray on campus openly, so he had to do so in a corner.

By Clemons Thompson’s logic, the Christians persecuted throughout the world — like in the terrorist’s homeland of Somalia — should be able to get away with all kinds of things for the real pain and suffering they have endured …

For this Ohio State official to allegedly compare the rampage undertaken by a radical Islamic terrorist to the unsupported allegations by Black Lives Matter of police brutality is bizarre and sickening on many levels.




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