• June 28, 2022

[VIDEOS] Gun Store Robberies Increase, Federal Prosecutions Decrease


At the same time that the liberals are pressing for more and more gun laws affecting law abiding citizens, Obama and his Justice Department are decreasing prosecutions by 42%.  In 2004, the Bush administration brought  8,752 prosecutions of ATF cases.  In 2013, under Obama , that number dropped to  5,082.  This is at the same time that gun store robberies are climbing steadily.  Something seems amiss here.  Today, we are going to examine some of these robberies and at the same time look for abnormalities in prosecutions and other strange facts relating to these cases.

The first break in we will examine was the robbery at  Carter’s Country Guns and Ammo in the 11000 block of South Wilcrest Drive in Houston, Texas.  Approximately ten thieves entered the store and stole more than 50 weapons.  Three of the thieves were arrested but using Google, see if you can find out anything about them.  Not even their names.  Go a step further and Google where they were prosecuted.  Nada.  Yet, if police find out a man was depressed for three days after their favorite team loses the Super Bowl, they not only confiscate his guns but they splash his picture across the TV screen.

The Video of the Carter’s Robbery


This was not their first rodeo and obviously they have been in the store, because they knew exactly where they wanted to go and what they wanted to take.

Smash and grab robberies have become popular.  Some of those include :

Someone smashed the display window of Pony Express Firearms in Parker with a rock just after midnight on Saturday morning and stole four weapons, according to Parker Police Commander Chris Peters.

The suspect or suspects reached through the security bars protecting the window of the store at 10970 S. Parker Road and pulled out two AK-47 rifles, one AR-15 rifle and a shotgun, Peters said.


From NBC 7 News:

SIMPSONVILLE, SC (WSPA)— Authorities are working to track down stolen weapons taken from a gun shop in Simpsonville, Thursday.

Thieves crashed a stolen van into The Gun Shop on North East Main Street around 3 a.m.

Three men grabbed several guns and fled in another vehicle.

ATF Agents were called in to assist on with this case.

Simpsonville Acting Police Chief says those weapons could be anywhere.

Just one day after the break in at the Baton Rouge gun store, thieves hit the gun store in Casselberry, Florida.  Twenty two weapons were stolen by two men.  Only one man was arrested and only two guns have been recovered.

Gun store robberies are becoming more and more frequent, with the latest one occurring only yesterday:

TAMPA – Dozens of guns could soon be on the streets in Tampa after a big break-in at a firearm store. ATF is offering a $10,000 reward in the hopes of getting them back.

Deputies released video surveillance footage of the smash-and-grab burglary that took place at the Tampa Arms Company at 4023 West Waters Avenue around 3:06 a.m. Tuesday.

The video shows a white pickup truck ramming through the storefront then backing out. Then more than 10 suspects stream into the store and begin looting the store of firearms.

This one is scary, because they were able to remove the heavy steel doors from the building, steal dozens of guns and leave all in the space of five minutes.

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————       In July of this year, four people broke into an unnamed pawn shop, where they stole 8 pistols and a rifle.  One suspect was caught at the scene and two more were picked up later.  One remains at large,  There is a troubling twist in this story.  The burglars were stealing the guns for the express purpose of shooting cops in Baton Rouge, La.  Just 5 days later, on July 17th, three Baton Rouge police officers were gunned down.   There is no proof that the two incidents are related but you can’t help but wonder.

The reason the police were not able to get a lead on the fourth burglar.  The other three claimed they did not know his name.  The Baton Rouge cop killer acted alone and was from Missouri.  That would be consistent with what the other three said.  There might have been a lot more dead policemen dead in Baton Rouge had they not picked up the three burglars.

The bottom line is that gun shops and pawn shops need to come up with a better way to secure their merchandise.