• June 19, 2024

A Christmas Miracle for a Pizza Man…God Lives

Devin Cammack, a Pizza Hut delivery driver in Lewisville, Texas, was called into work early one day and his first delivery was to the Victorious Life Church, where he assumed they were having a party to celebrate Christmas but instead they were doing a Christmas play that he would soon be a part of.  David Hira was playing the part of the man who ordered the pizza and he called Cammack up to the stage.


He came down the aisle and I sat him down and said, ‘There’s something big going on in your life, you have a life-changing event coming up,’” Hira said later.

Cammack, completely taken aback, said he was only able to stammer, “Huh, what, how do you know this?”

Noel Pearce, Victorious Life’s worship leader, had written and directed the “play.”

The father of three was asked to share his story – the diagnosis of end-stage heart failure two years ago, that has been treated so far with an implanted heart pump that requires a battery pack to allow him to work when he is away from the at-home “plug-in” charging system.

Cammack – just 31-years-old – explained to the congregation, “I need this to live,” as he patted his chest, “and medication.” 

And that was their cue.

The entire congregation made their way to the stage and dropped money in a hat.  The total was $1,456.

But that wasn’t the only miracle Cammack received.  The next time he visited the doctor, he was told that miraculously t6he treatment that was keeping him alive until he could hopefully have a heart transplant, was working so well that a transplant was not necessary, although he would have to keep using the device and taking the medications.  Cammack was spared the worry of finding the money for the transplant with all of it’s associated dangers.

God lives.

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