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Vacationing Texas Couple Becomes Latest Victims of ‘Knockout Game’ Attack [VIDEO]

A couple were out walking in Galveston, Texas when they were approached by three men, who hit them and left.  Ken Duble needed 11 stitches to close a wound by his eye.  Nothing was stolen and it appears to be the work of the knockout game.  For Mr Duble and his wife, it spoiled a cruise they were about to depart on when the attack took place.


“My wife started screaming and shrieking,” said Duble.

As they walked along 24th St. and Avenue E near the Strand, three young men attacked out of nowhere.

“Someone struck me on the back and I was startled,” said Duble. “I turned my head and I then I got whacked. Next thing I knew they were gone and we were just standing there. She was screaming, and I was bleeding.”

His wife helped him stumble to Press Box, a bar up the street where bartenders called police and tried to stop the bleeding.

“11 stitches,” said Duble.

Duble quickly noticed they hadn’t taken anything.

“We realized they just wanted to hit someone,” said Duble.

Duble feared he’d become another victim of the “knockout game” a disturbing crime seen in cities across the U.S. like a 2013 incident from the Katy area where a young man punched an elderly black man just for fun and videotaped it.

There was another incident in New York City’s subway system, and even a “knockout game” attack in downtown Houston last September.

“For whatever reason they’re lashing out at people,” said Duble.

The incident didn’t stop Duble and his wife from enjoying their cruise. Galveston Police are now investigating the senseless assault.

“It was more disappointing and discouraging that as a society we still have a long way to go,” said Duble.

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