A.I. Sex Dolls With Memory That Can Fall In love With Their Owners [VIDEO]




RealDoll CEO Matt McCullen made a new version of sex dolls that enables them to fall in love with their owners.
Harmony 2.0 sex dolls have their own memory and can be customized with their own personal traits. The dolls have 18 different personalities like shy, thrill-seeking, intellectual, and sexual.

The dolls also have human like memory and their customizable memories can evolve.

An example of the dolls capability is, if an owner is hungry, the doll would then search on its memory of the owner’s favorite food then recommends something to eat.  With continuous interaction with the doll, the doll would learn to fall in love with its owner.

McCullen said that these dolls would help lonely people that are unable to find love in the real world. The doll comes with full functioning head and eyes.

McCullen said that “Many human beings have difficult times finding social connections and finding a partner that they have been waiting for. These dolls create a whole new alternative for those peoples”.

“Persons sometimes tend to hold back certain aspects of themselves when interacting with a different person but with these dolls, you don’t have that kind of some sort of wall that holds you back”


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