• February 8, 2023

Arizona Built Border Wall Cut Down Illegal Immigration By 94%

Former deputy Border Patrol chief Ronald Colburn says that the wall Arizona built on the Mexican border has worked far beyond expectations.  He says illegal crossings have been cut by 94%.  That’s an incredible number and one that should give democrats pause to fight against Trump’s wall, but of course it won’t.  Colburn calls the results from the bridge to be “Impressive.”

Before the Yuma fence was built, Colburn says the Yuma Border Patrol identified 2,706 times in a one year period when smugglers loaded up a vehicle with drugs and/or people and simply drove across the border. Just 13 of them were detected and stopped by immigration authorities. “The rest all got away, with no idea what or who they brought in,” his testimony notes.

After the fence was built, however, only six vehicles tried to cross the border, and every one of them was captured or turned back.

 “By 2008, Yuma Sector arrests of illicit border crossers and traffickers had dwindled down from over 138,000 down to 8,363,” Colburn states in his testimony. “The known attempts to enter and the got-aways dwindled to an equally minimal number compared to the hundreds of thousands that entered and evaded arrest in previous years.”

Colburn is set to testify before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee Tuesday, when the full committee will examine fencing along the southern border. David Aguilar, former Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, and Terence Garett, professor and chair of the Public Affairs and Security Studies Department at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, will also testify.


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