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Instead Of Helping This Woman She Just Watched And Filmed Her Nearly Die




A horrifying viral video featuring a woman hanging from the 7th floor of a building went viral. The woman, identified as a maid, was hanging for her life – pleading for help from the woman who was filming.
That’s right. Rather than help the poor maid out, the person filming only stood by and watched as she plummeted to the ground below.

The video was uploaded by @Almajlliss. It was captioned by a news service in Kuwait with: “When humanity is absent because of the mobile video.”


Naturally, many netizens were furious at the woman who stood by and filmed the incident rather than help.

In the comments section, a user asked what the woman who was filming said. Another netizen claimed that the woman said, “You crazy! Come here!”

She took the time to scold the woman rather than reach out and save her.

Reminder: the following video is graphic in nature.

Miraculously, the maid survived her fall. In this second clip, firefighters were assisting the groggy maid climb down a ladder.

According to a follow up report by the Guardian, the woman who was filming the horrific incident was detained by Kuwaiti authorities. Authorities are investigating leads that the maid tried to commit suicide.

“The Kuwait Society for Human Rights on Friday called on the authorities to investigate the case and refer it to court,” according to the report.

They are looking for possible leads to this supposed suicide attempt with the massive reports of abuse suffered by overseas workers – many of them Filipino.


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